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BIS Application designed and developed in two categories viz. Module and Enterprise Application caters a specific and generic requirement of clients. A Module Application targets those clients having a specific requirement to automate a particular management branch only such as Sales and Billing, Purchase, HR Management and so on. Enterprise Application designed as all-in-one application can automate entire operation of the company with improved efficiency and effectiveness. Any enterprise/organization can hire any of the editions under each category depending on the requirement of client, their transactions, employee size and spending capacity. Both Applications are available in SaaS and License Model under five different enterprise categories viz. Mini, Micro, Small, Medium and Large.

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Saas Model


BISage promotes SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) hosting solution in Nepal as a primary business portfolio. The idea behind promoting SaaS model is to reach out to the mass customers in a very cost effective price on a monthly basis

Liscense Model

License Model

Another model of hosting BIS Application is License Model, which is hosted at client’s server within their premises or Data Center. This model is suitable for a relatively larger entity under the category of medium/large enterprise 

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Why BIS Application?

It looks perfect on all major browsers, tablets and phones. It’s the of product you’re looking for.

Hire any BIS Application at product-based price under different enterprise categories based on your requirement and budget.

The architecture of the application is dynamic; you can therefore customize your requirement according to your need.

It has a competent as well as efficient team for deployment of BIS Application followed by a dependable support service.

The application is fully secured and scalable with consistent performance irrespective of transaction volume and further customization.