What We Do

BISage provides consulting solution on various spheres of management sciences viz. General Management, Financial and Tax, Operation Management, Business Development and Growth Strategy and Admin, Legal & Compliance.  Besides that BISage represents locally and internationally on behalf of its client. BISage also provides specialized internal training for different level of human resources for our clients. Similarly, BISage also conducts research work for our clients helping them to take an appropriate business decision.

BISage's another service initiative is software solution which is available both on hosting (Cloud) and license model. The objective of bringing software solution is to support our client through software automation in order to take their business to next level ensuring improved efficiency and performance. BISage has developed custom-built, dynamic and user friendly BIS (Business Intelligence Solutions) software very suitable for our type of business environment to support our client migrating their manual operation into digital environment though BIS automation. BISage develops and localizes BIS (Business Intelligence Solutions) software for Small, SME and Large Enterprise with different editions so that our client could make right choices out of them to meet their actual requirement.