SaaS Model

BISage promotes SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) hosting solution in Nepal as a primary business portfolio. The idea behind promoting SaaS model is to reach out to the mass customers in a very cost effective price on a monthly basis who wants to automate their business in a phase wise manner. This business model is suitable for the entities under Mini, Micro and Small Enterprise category.
  • BIS Application gets enabled in BISage’s cloud server
  • Server can be dedicated or shared depending on client’s requirement
  • Database can be shared or separate depending on client’s requirement
  • All the major changes and new features are available in SaaS model without additional charges
  • Each module is classified on the basis of version (based on improvement and new features) in SaaS Model
  • Application can be upgraded to higher edition
  • User can be enhanced with additional charges which is included in the monthly fee
  • AMC and support charges included in the monthly fee
  • BISage will have primary responsibility to maintain the accepted uptime
  • Normal support and service is available for 16 hours through RDC (Remote Desktop Support)
  • 24×7 dedicated service is available on additional charges.