4 June, 2021

License Model-BISage Cloud

Any client can hire BIS Application in License Model and can host the Application at BISage's cloud instead of hosting at their own server. The client can decide either to host software at their own server or host at BISage's cloud depending on the cost benefit analysis and other requirement as applicable.

  • Application gets enabled in BISage’s cloud
  • BIS is responsible for development side activities including debugging
  • BIS will have primary responsibility for managing cloud server
  • BIS shall charge monthly fee against cloud hosting
  • AMC and support charge is applicable based on BIS editions and enterprise category
  • Minor improvements such as regulatory changes are available in License Model without additional charges
  • All the major changes and new features are available in License Model with additional charges
  • Each module is classified on the basis of version (based on improvement and new features) in License Model 
  • Application can be converted from SaaS to License Model
  • License upgrade and user addition option is available 
  • Normal support and service is available through Remote Desktop Support (RDC
  • 24x7 dedicated service is available on additional charges.