BIS is a customized web-based Business Intelligence Solutions (BIS) developed under agile methodology. BIS has a multi-tenant architecture designed and developed to cater a discrete business environment. BIS aligns with a domicile business environment further localizing it in compliance with local regulatory environment, business principle and practices followed. The Application is suitable for Mini, Micro, Small and Medium size enterprises from across the industry. BIS is equally suitable for Non-Profit organization too.

BIS is a dynamic web application where any company or organization can virtualize their operation according to their needs. Any organization can customize their requirement through dynamic master settings where lot of settings is available based on editions. BIS facilitates migrating an existing manual operation into a semi/fully automated environment from across the industries in order to have an efficient and competitive operation in place. BIS delivers industry focused services and solutions for clients further customizing it to cater their actual business needs. BIS Applications tested  through different stages of QA analysis meets an International software standard. 

Any organization can hire BIS Application in both SaaS and License model depending on client's size, nature of business, no of human resources and expected growth rate. BIS Applications designed and developed into different editions can meet actual business requirement of clients across industry depending on their size of business and level of automation required.