Enterprise Application

Enterprise Application

Enterprise Application is a dynamic and web-based all-in-one application that automates the entire operation of the company/organization, ensuring overall efficiency over time with a set of success metrics. Enterprise Application includes Online Accounting, IRD Listed Billing, Purchase, Inventory, and HR Management Applications including Payroll Management and Compliance Management. It is customized under BIS Lite, BIS Basic, BIS Standard, BIS Pro, BIS Premium, and BIS ERP editions. 

BIS Lite

BIS Lite is tailored for digitizing major business operations through software automation. This is a semi-automated environment appropriate for enterprises that want to progressively automate an existing manual operation into a software environment.

BIS Basic

BIS Basic includes HR (Human Resource) and MIS (Management Information System) modules besides the features available in BIS Lite. This edition also targets Micro, Mini and Small enterprises and is more suitable to those enterprises having a requirement for automation in human resource management and MIS.

BIS Standard

BIS Standard includes modules such as Requisition, Compliance and Task Flow besides features available in BIS Basic. BIS Standard is a complete all-in-one application other than core accounting solutions, which targets Mini and Small enterprises. 


BIS Pro is a complete software solution including accounting software for those clients under Mini and Small enterprise categories. This edition includes an advance feature that can virtualize the entire operation of the company where no other management software is required except some industry specific Applications.

BIS Premium

BIS Premium a gateway for those enterprises who are planning full automation in their operation. This application targets Small, Medium and Large enterprises who have a standard business setup. Any client hiring BIS Pro or lower edition can upgrade to BIS Premium 


BIS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) includes forecasting and business process automation with advance features besides the modules available in BIS Premium. This application is suitable for a larger entity be it a manufacturing or service or trading based operation.