General Management

BISage specializes in providing management consulting solutions to Media and Communication Industry, Private/Public Equity companies in strategy formulation and implementation of strategic decisions, product/service innovation, solving most critical business problems and exploring opportunities in business transformation. BISage begins with scanning overall business health of its clients, identifying key areas of improvements and helping them to take strategic decisions with result-oriented approach.

Since Nepal belongs under the category of least developed country, business environment is yet to be conducive for business communities. So, it is but obvious fact that every company has to perform under various business limitations in pursuit of achieving an intended goal. Where BISage could assist its clients to plan their business realistically, ensuring consistent growth, protecting from vulnerability and achieving intended success metrics by mitigating potential risks of failure. We help our clients to maintain the overall performance efficiency within the company and make them more competitive to cope with changing market dynamics. A performance benchmark would be quantifying planned actions into intended results enhancing overall organizational capabilities with good corporate governance. The prime objective of our consultancy is to give strategic direction to our clients with pragmatic approach suitable for our type of business environment.

A large number of NGOs and INGOs are registered and operating in Nepal with diverse nature of activities. Regardless of the nature of activities or initiatives of such NGOs and INGOs to their areas of concentration, each of them needs an in-depth information and pertinent database on geographic, demographic, cultural and social environment. They also need expert services in the areas of planning social media campaign, report writing, editing, carrying out impact assessment and evaluation of programmes and projects, translation of documents, documentary production and so on.

BISage assists such clientele to plan and implement social media campaign targeting defined audience. It offers the services in writing a report and translating documents, editing, carrying out impact assessment and evaluation of programmes and projects. BISage offers them producing public announcement, infomercials, advertorials and documentary production. Besides NGOs and INGOs, BISage offers same range of services to diplomatic missions and other organizations under the UN system in Nepal.