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Agriculture and Forest Products Industry

BIS Application also targets agro-products business under Agriculture and Forest Products Industry. BISage wants to become a catalyst to virtualize this industry through BIS ERP Solutions catering the standard business requirement of all the firms/companies under different enterprise categories. Some of them are:

  • Dairy Products Productions
  • Animal Feed  Business
  • Fishery
  • Fruits Farming/Processing
  • Production, Processing and Storage of Food Products
  • Animal Husbandry/Birds Farming/Animal Breeding and Production and Processing of Meat
  • Tea Garden, Tea Processing, Coffee Farming and C Processing, Herbs Farming and processing
  • Production of vegetable seeds
  • Cold Stores and Agriculture Markets 
  • Wood Industries (Shaw-mills, Furniture, Parquetting, Seasoning, Treatment Plant, Plywood, Composite, Board)