BIS Overview


BIS is a web-based custom built Business Management Application designed and developed to suit local business entities under given business and regulatory environment, business principle and practices being followed in Nepal. The software is suitable for Micro, Small and Medium size enterprises from across the business segments. BIS application is developed primarily for service industry; targeting all most all companies belonging to Digital Television, ISP, IT, Media and Communications, Hospitality Industry (Hotel, Travel and Trekking and Rafting), Hospital and Education Sector such as School and Colleges. BIS Applications are equally suitable for any type of trading industry whether dealing in goods or services. BIS Application also suits for Non-Profit organizations.

Technical Architecture

Programming Language: C#

Framework: Microsoft.NET Framework


Coding: C#

Database: Microsoft SQL Server

Frontend (UI-User Interface OR View)

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap

BIS Application is architected and developed in a dynamic environment where any company or organization further can setup their company/organization structure according to their needs. Any company/organization can customize their requirement through Master Settings wherein lot of settings are available for dynamic set up for different modules. BIS is quite adaptable to migrate existing manual operation into fully digitized environment in order to have a competitive operation in a cost feasible price. BISage delivers industry focused services and solutions further customizing BIS Applications to cater their actual business need.

Software Features

  • Dynamic & User Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Custom-built
  • Secured
  • Scalable
  • Regulatory adaptable
  • Consulting driven automation
  • Quality assured
  • Reliable Support
  • R&D based
  • One-stop Solution