Finance & Tax

BISage's another areas of expertise is Financial and Tax Consultancy. The company primarily concentrates on rendering financial and tax consultancy service to the private equity companies. BISage starts with scanning how existing operating procedures and practices is being implemented in the company. The objective is to establish a prudent accounting practice and maintain a strong financial discipline within budgetary practice under an approved financial procedure. BISage helps them to follow the Nepal Financial Reporting Standard (NFRS) and other prevailing laws to ensure required level of transparency and good governance. It identifies key areas of improvements within the company and helps its client devising a right strategy to achieve an intended result.

BISage focuses on finding operating parameters of business and changes in operational procedures that might increase the ROI of the business. We pursue the assignment by identifying goals and strengths of the company. We offer right strategies to execute plan into action through exhaustive analysis of information.

The company supports its clients to establish a periodic reporting system within the company, reviewing the entire financial operation on a periodic basis through software automation to ensure better financial health of the company. BISage helps its client translating the action into results with intended success metrics to ensure improved performance. It also guides their vision and ideas to give a strategic direction to a company.

Tax consultancy is BISage’s another areas of expertise in addition to regular management consulting solutions. BISage gets its client updated on Tax Regulation on a timely basis with recommended procedure to comply with such changes. In the process of transforming existing business practices into an automated environment, BISage has developed a dynamic and custom-built BIS (Business Intelligence Solutions) application with a generic as well as customized features targeting different industries. An automated environment ensures more efficient operation of overall management of the company in order to cope with increasing stringent regulatory environment in the recent years.